1 Year Program

1 Year Program

A year at 3D Academy is truly life-changing.Many young South Africans need more than just skills development,they need a mind-set change. They need to learn to recognise the opportunities within both themselves and the marketplace. They need to believe that they can make a positive difference in South Africa. They need to develop the confidence and the leadership skills to become a nation-changer. A year at 3D Academy does just that!

There are two intakes each year. The first intake is in mid-January. These students complete their year in December of the same year.  The second intake occurs mid-July, and these students complete their year in the June of the following year.  A year at 3D consists of four terms (10 weeks each), with holidays in-between (ranging from 2 – 5 weeks each).

Students are required to vacate the campus during holiday time.  Most weekends, students will remain on campus.  However, a number of free weekends are scheduled throughout the term. On these weekends, students may go home.

During the first six months of a student’s time at 3D Revelation Campus, the student is known as a “Junior”.  In their last six months, they become “Seniors”.  Senior students are entitled to more privileges than Juniors. They are also entrusted with greater responsibilities and play a role in the mentoring of the Junior group.

Click on the link below to download the 1 Year Application Form:

3D Academy Student Application Form

Click on the links below to down character references(Download all the ref forms when applying):

3D Academy Christian Friend Character ref NF

3D Academy Pastor Character ref NF

3D Academy Teacher, Employer, School Counsellor ref NF


3D Revelation Campus was born out of the vision of Ps Basil Carter, who had desired – for more than 20 years – to establish high quality “finishing schools” across South Africa.

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