Become A Sponsor

3D Academy runs an extensive sponsorship programme. We desire to see young people from every walk of life have the opportunity to be a part of our program. Each intake, we award full and partial sponsorships to deserving candidates (who have limited financial means) and so doing impact our community; one young person at a time.  We are especially passionate about addressing the high level of youth unemployment in the East Rand.

One Year Full-time Program

A year at 3D Academy is truly life-changing. Many young South Africans need more than just skills development. They need a mind-set change. This will enable them to:

  • Learn to recognise the opportunities within both themselves and the marketplace.
  • Believe that they can make a positive difference in South Africa.
  • Develop the confidence and the leadership skills to become a nation-changer.

A year at 3D Academy does just that! Consider investing in…

One high-potential student, for one year, that you can absorb into your organisation

3-Day workshops

To be able to give young people from impoverished backgrounds a real opportunity of plugging into the world of work, they need assistance. They need to understand how their unique set of strengths can be matched to the demands of the job market. They need to learn important skills in job hunting such as CV writing and interview techniques. They need to learn essential workplace skills such as computer literacy, time management, organisational skills, goal setting, communication and conflict resolution skills. For an investment of only R1000, your organisation can make it possible for a young person to attend a 3-day workshop to learn these skills.

Day-to-day needs

In order to effectively run our program there are a number of on-going costs we need assistance with. These include:

  • Groceries – Food
  • Campus Occupation – Water and Electricity
  • Student Curriculum
  • Student Excursions – Mission and educational trips
  • Campus Development – Maintenance to our facilities as well as large and small appliances and equipment
  • Office stationery
  • Telephone & Internet
  • Marketing – Printing of brochures & flyers
  • Motor Vehicles – Fuel and maintenance

3D Revelation Campus was born out of the vision of Ps Basil Carter, who had desired – for more than 20 years – to establish high quality “finishing schools” across South Africa.

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