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  1. Our History

“Finishing schools” across South Africa

3D Revelation Campus was born out of the vision of Ps Basil Carter, who had desired – for more than 20 years – to establish high quality “finishing schools” across South Africa. He was aware of the European finishing schools and their ability to turn out polished and well-rounded young people and knew that no such opportunity existed for the youth of South Africa.

Prior to his entrance into full-time ministry in 1995, Ps Basil Carter had established over 14 successful companies and had been the Managing Director of his own computer software company for 15 years. During this time he had observed first-hand how ill-equipped South African school-leavers were unable to transition successfully into the World of Work.

He further made an interesting observation. On questioning the many successful people he encountered daily, Ps Carter discovered that between leaving school and the age of 25 years, these people had “drifted” in and out of various career and job opportunities. Only at age 25, did they find their unique “niche” and began to experience real career success.

From his observations and experiences, Ps Carter saw the opportunity to impact the young people of South Africa in a concrete and tangible way. He desired to establish a program that would, in essence, give school-leavers the equivalent of five years life experience in the space of one year – maturing them and giving them a sense of purpose and direction.

Ps Carter carried this vision in his heart since 1986 and became increasing aware of the growing need for a “finishing school” within our nation. As crisis after crisis plagued our educational system and unemployment continued to grow exponentially amongst school leavers, the vision strengthened.

By the beginning of 2007, a decision was made to put an action plan into motion to give wheels to the vision of a uniquely South African “finishing school”. This school would need to equip both young men and women and prepare them for life. In the context of teaching integrity and hard-work, young people would be exposed to the world of study and work and be equipped with the necessary skills for success. The desire to source young people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and expand their knowledge, exposure and skills has always been at the heart of this vision.

By March 2007, the Board of 3D Revelation Campus was established, consisting of 6 members. Discussions and planning commenced to launch the aforementioned campus and curriculum. From July 2007, Mrs. Denise Cillie’ was employed to begin the development of the curriculum.

Mrs. Cillie’ has a BA Hons (psych) degree and is a qualified psychometrist. She has been involved with Education since 1996 – functioning as a part-time teacher in the private and government sectors. She became a professional counsellor (between 2000 – 2005) working at a private school and at overseeing a community counseling centre as well as continuing to teach Life Orientation part-time.

Mrs. Cillie’ was employed as the Dean of Campus to spear-head the pilot project and grow and establish the 3D Revelation Campus. It was envisioned that individual campuses would remain relatively small (catering for a maximum of 40 learners per campus) to allow input of an extremely high quality and the individualized training and mentorship of each student.

(To Be Continued…)


3D Revelation Campus was born out of the vision of Ps Basil Carter, who had desired – for more than 20 years – to establish high quality “finishing schools” across South Africa.

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