Our Vision

  1. Our Vision

Since 2008, we have been developing and fine-tuning a curriculum that fulfils our core objectives and produces results. To date, our student intakes have been small, but we have a big vision and want to invite you to be a part of the bigger plan. Within the next ten years we aim to:

  • Expand our current Benoni facilities, by securing a permanent 40-student campus (at present our maximum capacity is 12 students)
  • Establish a further 3 fully-functioning campuses
  • Establish a head office and clearly define head office and satellite campus functions – Centralize our selection and enrolment process  and ensure  an equal distribution of students between the various campuses
  • Have an established reputation as the preferred gap-year option, by becoming a recognized brand in South Africa
  • Establish long-term partnerships with corporate sponsors enabling student acceptance to be based only on motivation & merit and not on financial means
  • Display a proven track record showing student success in education and the world of work
  • Establish a Graduate Alumni with continued support and resources available to graduates after their year at 3D.

3D Revelation Campus was born out of the vision of Ps Basil Carter, who had desired – for more than 20 years – to establish high quality “finishing schools” across South Africa.

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