Our Core Values

3D Academy has 5 core values. We strive to apply and live out these values in how we relate to one another as staff as well as how we treat our students:
1. Love
2. Adulthood
3. Responsibility
4. Growth
5. Environment
To capture these five core values in an “easy-to-remember” catch phrase, we use the slogan: “Living LARGE”

“Living Large” is an expression that implies luxurious living. We believe that in applying our 5 core values, life on campus and the staff and students experience of 3D program will be one of “luxurious living” – not in a material sense, but in a personal sense. We believe that by living out the 5 core values, our students will experience great quality of life.

1. Love – Following the guideline that is found in 1 Cor 13:4-8 to create a “safe” environment within which students can develop and grow

2. Adulthood – We strive to assist our students in transitioning into adulthood through adult-to-adult communications, encouraging initiative and independent decision-making

3. Responsibility – Teaching our students about consequences and accountability, self-management and the ability to work within “chain of command”

4. Growth – Encouraging students to step out of their comfort zones and be “stretched” ie. pushing beyond one’s own limits

5. Environment – Providing a “melting pot” of diversity and the opportunity to learn from the uniqueness of others. An experiential, hands-on approach to learning takes precedence


3D Revelation Campus was born out of the vision of Ps Basil Carter, who had desired – for more than 20 years – to establish high quality “finishing schools” across South Africa.

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